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Thomas Sharpe

Thomas Sharpe was raised in an ultra conservative home at the Jersey shore, where most days he felt like he didn’t fit in. Three months after Tom and his twin brother turned 21, their father suddenly passed away from a massive heart attack. That event stretched Tom between the fried of losing a parent and the sweetness of a life of new found freedom.He started his life out of the closet journey by enrolling in cosmetology school. He graduated from the Wilfred Academy of Beauty in 1982 and went on to cut hair at people’s homes, their sick beds, and in working class salons along Routes 37 and Brick Boulevard, six to seven days a week. Tom is an avid gardener and a doting godfather.As an adult, he has kept the unrelenting Protestant work ethic he inherited while breaking most of the other rules that he considers judgments, not truths. He has learned magic and tarot and regularly finds practical ways to apply it to everyday life.