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Mariette is an author and multidisciplinary artist based in writing and photography. She was born in Newark, New Jersey to immigrant parents. She was raised in a vibrant extended community that spanned her childhood home in New Jersey with frequent visits to Astoria and Jackson Heights, Queens, NY.As a bilingual child, Ms. Papic began her studies at Rutgers University, concentrating her time in French Literature studies along with Italian and numerous interdisciplinary classes that focused her mind on the philosophies of political and social currents. She abandoned her degree studies and turned towards studying at The International Center for Photography, as well as studying documentary filmmaking at teh New York Film Academy, both in New York City. She went on to study with Mary Ellen Mark and Irish writer Nuala O’Faoloin among others. Mariette is the author of the 2016 non-fiction book, The Digital Nomad Manifesto, which explores bender dynamics in the context of climate and teh development of quantum computers. The DNM explores pre-internet culture and its links to today’s social movements. She has performed poetry and provided installations around the United States, most notably at New Museum, Bowery Poetry Club, and at the Grace Space, all in New York City.You can find out more about her work at her website